We’ve taken a number of measures to reduce our eco-impact as a business:

  • Green hosting: Jade Creative offsets all of its hosting-related carbon production through certified, verified carbon offsets.
  • Low-power operations: The work-space is lit by passive solar and when lights are needed, they're CFLs. Artificial cooling and heating is rarely employed, but when necessary, we rely on the most energy efficient appliances possible.

Body Work Book

  • Zero-emissions commute: Maryruth works from her energy-efficient home office, so there's no commute-related emissions in her regular work-day.
  • Eco-friendly paper: All of the paper used in our office is double-sided or reused, and is always FSC-certified and processed chlorine-free. Our business cards are made from 100% post-consumer recycled content that's also processed chlorine-free. Any discarded paper products are recycled.